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Basic Statistics

     Batangas City is considered as the center of learning not only in the province but also in the whole Region IV. All levels of education are available in various learning institutions in the city. Total enrollment for SY 1997-1998 were registered at 90,909 wherein 54,062 or 59.47% were in public schools while 36,847 or 40.53% were in the private schools.


     There are about 4,958 pre-schoolers in Batangas City. Statistics revealed that enrollment of pre-schoolers in the public schools is higher than the enrollment in the public schools. For SY 1997, the percentage of enrollment in public schools is 2,535 or 51.13% while private schools have 2,423 or 48.87%.

     Statistics also revealed that the actual ratio between the number of classrooms and teachers is higher than the national standard. However, this is being remedied by the shifting of classes among pre-schoolers. They are being scheduled for only 3 to 4 hours per day or three shifts a day.

     In addition to the pre-schoolers, there about 4,074 day care children enrolled in the 80 day care centers in the different barangays in the city. These day care centers are being supervised by the Office of the City Social Welfare and Development.

Elementary Level

     There are 17 private elementary schools in the city with a total enrollment of 6,431 or 17.5% . Of the total elementary students enrollment, the University of Batangas has the highest number in the private schools which has 1,597 or 4.34%.

Secondary Level

     There are 14 public and 6 private secondary schools in the city.

     A total of 19,594 comprised the student population in the secondary level. Out of this number, 14,642 students or 74.73% were enrolled in the public schools while 4,952 students or 25.27% in the private schools.

     The Batangas National High School, the oldest public secondary educational institution in the city has the highest enrollment registered at 9,415 students which is due to the program of the government for free secondary education.

Tertiary, Post Graduate and Vocational Schools

     For SY 1997-1998, University of Batangas, a privately-owned institution which offered various courses, has the highest enrollment of college students in the city. It has 7,639 students or 35.77% of the total enrollment in the city. A state college, the Pablo Borbon Memorial Institute of Technology (PBMIT) has 5,668 or 26.54% college students wherein the males dominated the students population since the courses offered are more technical. This institution is a pride of the city due to high performance in the different engineering board examinations being given by the Professional Regulation Commission wherein student examinees usually landed in the top ten position.

     For SY 1997-1998, the number of students taking up masteral courses and were pursuing doctoral degree courses were 991 as compared to 1,120 of last year's enrollment decreases of almost 39.95%. Majority of the students who were enrolled last year in the graduate schools are government employees who are seeking career advancement and compliance with a ruling of Civil Service Commission requiring a master's degree for personnel aspiring for a position of division chief and above which took effect in CY-1996.

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